04/12/2014 - CD-ADAPCO - Webinar: Geometry Simplification in Electronics Thermal Simulations

Geometry Simplification in Electronics Thermal Simulations:  How Much is Too Much?

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December 04, 2014

10am (London) • 11am (Berlin/Paris) • 3:30pm (Bangalore) > Register
10am (Los Angeles) • 1pm (New York) > Register

Two aspects of electronics design present particular challenges for thermal simulations of electronics devices. First, the mechanical (including thermal) portion of the overall design cycle is typically quite short, even as short as a week or two, so simulation results are desired very quickly.

Second, electronics assemblies often include many complex individual parts among the hundreds or thousands of total parts within the assembly. Not all the parts are thermally significant but complex parts such as a molded housing or detailed heat sinks are.

The needed complexity of parts is counterbalanced against the desire for rapid results. Therefore, a common question among thermal analysts is, “How simple can I make my parts without sacrificing too much accuracy?”

This web seminar will examine this question by comparing simulation results from an unsimplified model with results from simulations on progressively simpler models. The comparisons will help us determine how much detail is needed based on the requirements and goals of a particular simulation project so we can obtain the desired results as quickly as possible.